Oh, the places you’ll go!

When first embarking on a journey what’s going on in your head? The excitement of the unknown? The fear of getting lost? or perhaps simply “I hope I packed my socks”.  Upon consulting Goggle, in regards to the word journey, we are given the definition “an act of travelling from one place to another”. But what does “‘one place to another” actually mean. Does merely walking to the bathroom constitute a journey? Could one regard my daily walk to the local convenience store as a journey?

This question is one that I have pondered ever since I was first told to chase my dreams no mater where they take me. However, chasing said dreams can be a rather difficult venture especially when you are uncertain of where you are going. On countless occasions I have found myself chasing my dreams in one direction only to discover that I missed the turn-off along the way, leaving me out-of-pocket valuable time and a decent amount of petrol. A problem that I’m sure many people face including myself, is knowing how not to get lost when trying to chase your dreams. If I honestly knew the answer to this I think that I would have already worked out the answer to life, the universe and everything.

I am currently undertaking a journey which I hope will get me one step closer to achieving my dreams, whatever they may be. The funny thing is I still can’t tell if the journey has started or not. A journey seems like something that should have a very distinctive start and finish with a few milestones along the way. I have a clear picture of how I would like this journey to end but I have no clue on where to start. I have made several attempts to start this journey but it never really feels like I’m actually “starting”. If I had to put it into words, it simply feels like I’m spending all my time packing only to change my mind half way and unpack everything. Essentially, I haven’t even walked out the door. You may say this is normal, starting a journey is a scary thing and obviously requires a certain amount of preparation. However, at some point I think you simply have to leave your belongings behind and take a step into the unknown.

Which leads us to where I am currently at in my journey. If this blog is reflective of anything, it would be the fact that I have taken a step forward. I am not sure in what direction I’m heading, but at least I know I’m heading somewhere. In literal terms, I haven’t moved an inch but mentally I have run a marathon. Am I currently moving from one place to another? Technically no, which means according to Goggle I am not actually on a journey. To be honest, this doesn’t really bother me too much. Why? well because if this isn’t a journey then I don’t have to worry about packing anything. I’m already on my way. If I was to call my current transition anything, I would call it a train ride.  A train doesn’t always leave when you want it to and can sometimes be late, but it will generally get you where you want to go. If you were to take away anything from this, let it be this one thing: If you hop on that train oh, the places you’ll go!

Thanks for reading.



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