Waiting is a skill which can take years to master. Some even say that it is impossible to truly master the skill of ‘waiting’. No matter how much we resist it, waiting is present in almost every aspect of daily life. From the minute we wake up to the second we go to bed at night, we will spend a relativity large amount of time simply waiting.  Waiting for the bus, waiting for work to finish or waiting for your sister to stop using the bathroom, the list is endless. These are examples of what I like to call ‘micro-waiting’, or if its easier to remember you can just call it ‘microwaving’ as waiting for a microwave generally only spans several minutes, and because it sounds cooler.  Micro-waiting typically has little effect on our lives as a whole, lasting long enough to be potentially annoying but never long enough to really cause any major reaction from the individual. For example, waiting for a bus to come which is already 5 minutes late is obviously frustrating, but most of us will not bother to do anything about it. It is simply not worth the time.

On the other spectrum we have what I have appropriately named ‘macro-waiting’ otherwise known as ‘waiting for a really long time’.  Macro-waiting represents waiting for a period of time which generally spans anywhere from a month to several years. Examples of macro-waiting are waiting for a baby to be born, waiting for exam results or waiting for your sister to stop using the bathroom. For today’s blog I want to focus on Macro-waiting. Macro-waiting is quite different to micro-waiting in the sense that you don’t spend time actually physically waiting. When waiting for a baby to be born, for example, one does not stand still and ponder as you would if waiting for a bus. Macro-waiting also tends to have a more emotional effect on the individual waiting. Waiting for exam results can be quite emotionally straining, especially when those results potentially determine the next several years of ones life. Contrarily, I have yet to hear someone be emotionally drained from waiting for a toaster to pop.

My life recently has been a continual pattern of me waiting for the next big thing or milestone to happen in my life. More simply put, recently my life has just been a whole lot of macro-waiting. I spend all my time waiting for this ‘big thing’ to start only to then almost instantly start waiting for the next thing, ultimately causing a continual loop of waiting. It’s a strange phenomenon where the thing I am waiting for seems to lose almost all of the value it once held after it actually arrives. That big thing or milestone which once seemed pivotal to my life’s journey simply gets brushed to the side and the wait for the next big thing begins. I imagine you might have already worked this out, but constantly waiting leaves very little time to enjoy oneself. I constantly seem to trick myself into thinking things will be way better once the next thing I’m waiting for arrives. However, when that period of waiting does end, to my surprise things often don’t actually change very much. This then results in me misleading myself into thinking that it’s really the NEXT big thing which will make everything better. Like so, the cycle of waiting continues.

I have been trying to change my mindset to not treat these stages of my life as simply periods of waiting but to approach them as what they truly are, precious segments of my life. Like I said earlier, waiting is present in almost every aspect of daily life. Sometimes you may be waiting for some big change or milestone, however as I’m still learning myself, this doesn’t mean you have to let the waiting define that period of your life. I often feel that my life is on hold until the next thing I’m waiting for arrives. This can be refereed to as a very stupid use of time and I wouldn’t recommend it. Just because you are in a stage of waiting doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! go do that thing that you always wanted to do, learn an instrument or maybe a second language. You should spend every waking moment of your life living it, not waiting for it because life wont wait for you. More than anything, when that one big thing you have been waiting ages for finally does arrive, be sure to give it the proper attention it deserves. I know I sure will be.

As always thanks for reading.


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  1. My friend Jared who died young from bowel cancer said very wisely that if we “make the destination our soul focus we will lose ourselves in the process of getting there ( as life often doesn’t turn out the way we think) what he discovered is finding purpose in the journey no matter where that journey leads us.” So much of life’s journey exists in this waiting time and if we learn to notice the smaller things, we will be present and see opportunities we weren’t even looking for, we will learn more about what is important to us and develop what we need to help us engage with the next part of the journey. Thanks for this discussion Taylor.

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