Life through music

Plato once said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. Ever since I can remember I have been entranced by music. Every waking moment where I have the option available to me, I will listen to music. Every second spent travelling, waiting or studying, regardless of the situation, if I can listen to music I will do so to my heart’s content. All major moments of my life up until now can be linked to a song, band or singer that I was particularly fond of at that time. Every milestone, every success and every failure is attached to a song. Whenever I hear one of these songs again I am instantly reminded of the attached memory. In every sense, my life revolves around music.

The main topic I want to focus on today is music as a motivator. Without a doubt music is one of my biggest motivators. My eagerness to go for a run, go to the gym, or do anything for that matter, is solely dependent of whether I have recently found a new song that gets me pumped enough to get of my ass. Music just seems to instil something in me that makes everything seem achievable and within my grasp. It’s as if one good song can clear all hurdles that were once impeding me. One of the reasons I have been able to get to where I am today is because I dared to dream and the only reason I dared to dream was because somewhere a long the road there was a song. A song that made the impossible seem possible. To be honest, the only reason I am writing this blog right now is because I heard a song that inspired me to do so.  It’s rather funny how my ability to succeed can dramatically shift due to something as simple as a good song. But then again, I guess I can’t really call music ‘simple’. The right song can be hugely influential at the right time. I remember when I was growing up I use to have problems processing sorrow so I would purposely listen to sad music to create an emotional response within myself. In this way, throughout my life I have used music to create certain emotional responses, be that motivational or therapeutic, to help give my life that extra umph.

There is just something about music that forces me to be alive. I say ‘forces’ because generally I am quite a lazy person who has got by in life by knowing how the system works and doing the bare minimum to be successful in regards to that system. But when I hear the right song, suddenly I am alive. One minute I’m just a university student sitting in my room, then in an instance I am a philosopher, an innovator and an entrepreneur all from within the confines of my own mind. Just like the quote I mentioned earlier, music gives wings to my mind and flight to my imagination. It’s almost like I’m in an eternal slumber but every so often I hear just the right song which for a brief moment, causes me to awake and do something amazing, or at-least try to. For me all I need is a moment. The number of possibilities within a moment is endless, for in a moment you can make a decision that could change your life. At that point it doesn’t matter if that moment ends because you already have all you need. Motivation. There is really not much you can’t achieve when you have motivation. Motivation is worth more than gold in the right hands. The right song is therefore priceless to the right listener, you just need to make sure you are listening.

If I could suggest one thing it would be don’t underestimate a moment, or a really good song.

As always, thanks for reading.

(For anyone who is interested in the song that motivated me to write this blog entry, it was Lucid dream by Owl City. You should definitely check it out if you get the chance)




3 Thoughts

  1. For me it is some Supertramp, Bruce Hornsby, some post-punk, early Chicago, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and the list could go on. Music for working, cooking, cleaning the house, Saturday morning coffee, Sunday morning coffee, music with wine, spiritual music

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    1. I seem to change all the time. There is generally one song that I get really into and I just listen to it non-stop until I find another song I like.


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